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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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if you. move from phones to. these crews don't talk t.v. don't come. to washington. the russian president says western rebels in syria basically. detainee's a. lot of neighborhoods exclusive interview to watch. as a frantic series of meetings between the e.u. leaders having yet another go at solving the financial crisis some experts believe that the euro. cross the border he considers giving syrian rebels heavy artillery that's part of increased support for. zeros in on
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one syrian opposition leader to find out if there's a they can think of any new ways to end the country's civil war spotlight in just a moment. download the official publication to choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time i didn't.
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get a. hello again or walk into a spot like the interview show on our t.v. i'm all the knowledge and today my guest on the program is. according to the syrian opposition all this was the month very violent a very volatile month within syria leaving more than five thousand killed the u.n. doesn't confirm this figure that says there are refugees on the record over a hundred thousand syrians fled the country last month in august held but regardless of the statistics opposition and government forces keep shooting at each other and the war is far. but recently a new political force has emerged in the opposition camp it represented in syrian parliament and stands for a strictly peaceful solution to the crisis we're talking today to fact one of the leaders of this peaceful opposition member of the executive committee and the head
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of its delegation through which. the problem long civil war in syria is already playing down sublimes both the armed opposition backed by the u.s. and its allies. it's on one side and president bashar assad on the other shown no signs of ending the fighting nevertheless every day of war means more suffering for a syrian people that are one of the syrian opposition and leader of the communist labor party for tatar movers believes both sides should put down their weapons and take. home is that you also welcome to the show thank you thank you very much for being with us to the sink of the mass ok well first of all i want to ask about your current visit to moscow so you came here as the head of the delegation of europe popular front a popular coalition because you also met the russian deputy foreign minister mr but
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that so what kind of support do you expect to get from moscow and was any support promised. by my own good forts from our friends and congress to in russia movement of national united. congress silly and the human and as ours so no we. could make some. relation between last. peaceful. way of changing in syria and with some organization in. russia especially in foreign minister. and. i guess that russia has
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a mighty can do many useful things still syria especially in this crisis is a crisis in syria. especially because about one and half million syrians now. changing their houses between this and the blaze. peaceful places or. about. hundreds of billions or so in syria. about two hundred thousand people out of syria so i think i think. russia country. till now would distinguish and will stay between the regime and the mighty so and also so you will see a big mass of the syrian be able which is now not on the side or the other side
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of terrorism thinks and this big mass of the syrian people i seeing it needs many many things especially when that is coming schools are chemical also in syria many factories in aleppo specially after about before about twenty days or about on mars many factors are on the ground now. so i think the russian people and the russian mighty can do many things on these ways to serious you know you have had meetings in the russian foreign ministry you know what i wanted to ask you i've been reading even during the vacation that we had always been reading in the press that that despite that kathy ireland has stepped down the russian diplomacy continues to support the coffee and then plan on syria do you believe that this plan can still be
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implement. i feel it correct. go on little short. because the two sides or the strategy and ways they are going on. extremes it is really and i feel that the outside. might like usa and european and some gulf mites or two might is possible so you will not talk with the other side to stop fighting. pushing money a big amount of money possibly visions to see i'm also mightily and many many. missing that. would bones. also
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fighters. well according to the latest news coming from from syria the syrian army assad's army has bulldozed houses in the west in damascus pretty soon what activists called collective punishment of sunni muslim areas hostile to president bashar assad and. sadly it is a shiite as we know so do religious contradictions still play such a significant role in there the syrian conflict or polak all that religious. i think any business in syria here is nor fighters. i think also the syrian army will not be zero. for seeing.
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a war in syria it is step by step we are going on. especially on the region. ok well according. to. the news the news reports and according to to to to the analysts last month was the bloodiest in syria since the uprising began in march two thousand and eleven spotless me there has been following the news and here's this report. violence in syria has reached its peak five thousand people were killed in august alone that's the highest in the seventeen month old uprising which has by now calling the police twenty three thousand lives the u.n. refugio agency says one hundred thousand people fled syria last month another
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record breaking figure assad's forces begin wide use of air power for the first time in august to try to put down the revolt so much two countries including the u. west insist on the radio solution to the crisis this is not at root a humanitarian crisis it is a political crisis caused by the cruelty and callousness of the assad regime no amount of humanitarian assistance will and the bloodshed and suffering. that day will come only once assad has departed and a peaceful syrian led transition to democracy has begun russia keeps on warning against this kind of one sided approach. those demanding the capitulation of just the government forces in syria while at the same time urging the opposition continue fighting this position is based on the fact that these forces are ready to
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pay an extra price which will be a huge number of human lives diplomatic efforts to solve the conflict have so far failed the syrian government says there will be no dialogue with the opposition until the army has crushed the rebels the opposition in turn has rejected any talks until assad is removed from power one. piece and void lakhdar brahimi the former foreign minister who replaced kofi annan this month has recently given quite a pessimistic view of the situation describing the peace mission in the region as nearly impossible. to use called the coalition for peaceful change and it is opposed both to to to better al assad's regime and to the rebels that are fighting the president of the country so what's your view how do you see the solution of the problem in the country if you
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oppose both i think there is a kurd or some part of the. position politics parties insights here. what we call it here. and there is also on the part which we are as a for with inside it call it a collection more after what are you assuming i think if russia might to speak. with there was a syrian regime that it was very aborted to begin an ignition between. the side of interior. i was in our. car drives. we asked the syrian diplomatic. minister to go on
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this way as i was in the wrong before about one man's. organization coated centrifugal so she asked about it in of was in the was from syria to go total i think this war so this. diplomatic minister can go on some ways more and more useful than what has us organizations. done specially inside syria but so must ask the regime to do some steps like to give this. part of of was an earth. an illusion let's share station. two let's a b. ball in syria top to make a company
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a competition between this was what and this was about orton so i think this way it is very the book that the syrian says tried to jehmu through one of the syrian opposition leaders the spotlight will be back should we also read felt they would then go. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations today. spanning continents. and oceans the connections to. come the
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food for billions in power the pacific. the russian apec summit on r.t.e. . wealthy british style sign. on the times. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration. the u.s. and its allies went into afghanistan just i'm sure they're looking forward to getting out bloody near putin speaks exclusively to r.t.
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. welcome back to spotlight i am al green of in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is just one of the syrian opposition leaders mr jealous your front your coalition was created just prior to the elections last may and these were the first democratic elections in in years and years based the multi multi party multi party systems you've got you at five places one of five places in parliament in no first seem. the. front it is one one side of our collection. and we are another and there are about six or seven flutes and five z's court
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action in coalition against what is called a collection of peaceful change how we didn't agree with the. front to go on. because. and especially we didn't agree with them to go on the minister to go inside the government at all so this collection some of its sides it is inside we didn't agree with him at all. because this ng will not put us exactly on is our british one way i guess that is which it is addicted. but he sure now we will not let this good action goal by his or when we will stay inside it and we will go once again. what this mean and what that
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means with ourselves and we think really they're going to go exactly or are peaceful changing inside is our government so judging from what you say you do have you do have serious problems within the opposition i mean i mean you have disagreements and of course but this this makes it very hard to fight to fight for your for your callers it but we see that all through this site the from what's inside these two parties see how did you meet and say that heather i think your sings very very important to us they are really against. fighting. really against any outside of our side when we go on fighting inside syria so these two things is very important to us and we
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also see the russian our friend really syrian people and we sink the tail of the issue and it is very very important now in a crisis in syria so we will not let this go to a chain goal was that when i talk when you say the russians are your friends that the russians are a friend of the syrian people you are an opposition leader but if we judge from what we what we hear from the west they say that the russian position is that moscow is backing bashar assad's regime do you feel that moscow is really behind bashar assad i think russia. look mighty and look is our regime and we would think that there is a very different between the turn of the syrian army and the
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organization of the might the and the regime is a very and daughters to live a difference between and with things irish and also the symbol look to the sea again so that russian we think now but only with you know that they are nearest to the syrian be able more they are nearest to the syrian regime but the west of course they have. found that it will. seriously there are with the war with the free syrian army. and the. countries and those are thirty country. lit and the photo from any award came to go inside syria but the syrians are told well at this point i think we may get return to to discussing the so-called koffi annan peace plan because it didn't work you said earlier on this program that
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unfortunately it didn't or if you will according to the coffee plan the violence in syria should have stopped in april but something went wrong so can you tell us from your point of view from inside the country what went wrong and who's to blame i think there are insides of. fighting and also in congress also. they are more radical zones or the g.m. now. refuse any negotiation with the regime. only when the is out of syria. and we think that there. is less. that site really because. i have asked other sites in syria and out of syria before here.
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to the masses to sit around and to speak to get out of vote so future of syria. and is very siloed of the opposition of. in syria refused also we refused but we think now it is very wrong good if you have this thing but we have also all to speak with come now on that it and we will ask the russian side to ask so because of inside there was a note to come on the table. and to begin. it is very well then you representative for syria after coffee resigned mr lockhart of the brain he said recently that he feels like he's standing in front of
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a brick wall and that there's no crack in this war that he can see do you think he is the right person to to to help solve the problem i think at all he is not all right i'm not sure articles why he and before him mr and i. really liberal you know i'm outside our countries between russia and between the united states and so you're all being. if not so european british on our side in the struggle in syria i think and also with the from the side the russian side too but it's on that regime will not be any peaceful way nearest now. let's talk about possible intervention everybody is talking about intervention now where usually the interference of a community into conflicts it usually starts from humanitarian aid in conflict
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zones and the red cross plains are very often followed by bombers and the real military intervention began as well recently you mentioned turkey you mention that turkey is proposals which suggest creating are the so-called bar for a zone in syria for humanitarian reasons you are against it is it because you think that this may be used to mask the future intervention so from the first moment of his time they agree to all. just saw anything they are going to was they were going on their way of more struggling in syria. and this is what you are saying you say there you go the designs west centers are the ones that you are. and i think now or is a future when they will try to make this. they will let the syrian
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social civil war step by step by and they quickly do you think interference may help do you think this is some kind of interfere some kind of controlled interference or you're against any interference at all we are really we will refuse anyone of any kind and we will i think we will have to take against it even if this fighting will go on for years and years and out our think we will fight it but also we are peaceful change in the way. but inside just like inside syria we will not take any woman i guess this site and that site we will go with is a big mass of this but we are a big mess but if you say we will fight we will fight any any interference but you mean that you will find two together both the bashar side and the opposition
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and the rebels they will all find him and i see who are fight we will shop on the same enemy but if the word from his point did not look when bashar assad regime will go on some boy near to someday will get us he wants and i think this is some difficult maybe and it is not impossible to go from the same way the same one but i think every side from us will shop on the same enemy every side from his point from his beliefs thank you thank you very much going to me for being with us my wife and dad just a reminder go back to my guest today one day after john lewis one of the syrian opposition leaders and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your say. or have someone in mind if you think i'm going to do next time to drop me
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a line to al green i'll add r t t v dot how you let's keep part might interact we'll be back with more critical comments from the one going on in and have told russia has already failed to take. the ad.
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